Happy Town Greece

About Us

Happy Town was created to give joy to the young and older, with a new perception and look.

Happy Town is a greek company created by a team of enterpreneurs, architects, and designers, with fresher ideas and new proposals regarding the stereotypical perceptions of what a park, a playground and a public recreation area mean.

Collaborating with the award winning architectural studio, 100 Architects, with the unique constructions and designs. Also, with Hubbster, the innovative city sports service and the innovative WeWatt. Happy Town highlights the outdoor areas (and the indoor ones, sometimes) as places of life, freedom, joy, sports, color, and happy living, for the young and old.

We add value to our projects by constructing something that has not been re-created. We strive to create unforgettable experiences, breaking the boundaries of the usual and the ordinary.

At Happy Town we provide turn-key solutions and applications in the design, sales, and maintenance for projects of joy and optimism, for every city and every place.

Our commitments is the respect for the environment, utilizing bioclimatic design and the use of renewable energy sources.

Finally, our most important and non-negotiable conception and practice, is the safety, applying all the latest safety standards of the European Union, EN 1176: 2008 / 1-6.

“Ultimately, our works invite users, to live, socialize, play and hang-out in a happy town!”