Happy Town Greece

Hubbster enlivens public spaces with on-demand games and activities that promote social play for all.

By combining traditional recreational equipment with state-of-the-art technology, our solution facilitates face-to-face interaction and playful encounters in public spaces.

These play-ready public installations — “Hubs” — unlock spontaneous social dialogue between fellow city dwellers, creating meaningful interpersonal connections.

By doing so, Hubbster bolsters comradery and goodwill within communities and supports active lifestyles.


Yes. We have a modular design allowing us to expand the type of hubs we provide, based on the needs of a local community, if there is a certain market for the object type.

Hubs are built to order with a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks.

Users are required to add a credit card and contact information to use the Hubbster service, regardless of it is free or paid by the user. Our patent pending technology in the hub and features in the app allows us to track which objects users have rented and if they have been returned properly.

Ideal locations are:

• Publicly accessible locations in dense urban areas
• City places and neighborhoods with high pedestrian traffic
• Outdoors, squares, parks, recreation areas, outdoor or indoor courts, schools, beaches, corporate campuses, universities, shopping malls and even airports

• Municipalities
• Sponsors
• Private companies/businesses
• Governments
• Educational institutions

We provide the hubs with the gaming objects but also, we can offer turn-key solutions for constructing the playgrounds.

To be able to access the hubs, the user must place a valid credit card. If the objects are not returned the users credit card will be charged. The hubs has up to 5 different patent pending sensor built-in technologies depending on each hub type. The user will be instantly notified if the returned objects are wrong objects or broken.